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Installation / update

Post by philippe » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:07 pm


chrome APKG is to launch the OFFICIAL LAST STABLE version of Google Chrome for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
... based on the PPA (Personal Package Archives) managed by Google (so it's not Chromium the open source version also available through default Ubuntu packages)

... at any time using update package command in myHD you can obtain the last version ... no wait for new version from me or other integrator

install it
myHD_apkg install chrome
... in case of error : APKG not generated do :
1 generate the QPKG
myHD_apkg create chrome
2 install it
myHD_apkg install chrome

go to Asportal and play with it ...

[Know BUGS]
Due to an unknown error (under investigation) ... Chrome MUST be started without sandbox (you are in a namespace ... so risk are ultra limited)
... you can see a warning message on top of Chrome page ... just click on the X to delete it ...

Asustor package integrator
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